Yunnan, Dali and around

I was in Dali for a week to shoot some more pictures for my “Subtitles” project and shot those snaps on the go with my Leica. I have changed supplier for developping and scanning, feeling is different than usual. Also, part of those photos were shot with negative film (C41, portra 160) and I think I like better the feeling and crispiness of positive films (E6, velvia 50).

Yunnan has amazing skies and landscapes, people are chilled and food is amazing. Every time I go to Yunnan, I wonder why I am still living in Shanghai….

In case you want to travel, let me recommend my friend’s trekking agency there: Amiwa.
He has been based in Dali for more than 6 years now…

More pix from Yunnan from previous trip last year:


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  1. Waouh, top tes photos! le Yunnan est definitivement une region a ne pas manquer… bises du Xishuangbanna :)

  2. Abel

    “Dix ans pour faire pousser un arbre, Cent ans pour faire pousser une forêt”. Slogan optimiste quand on voit la rapidité des constructions à côté !
    Et luperbe ciel bleu est toujours là, ça au moins ne changera pas. Ah le Yunnan…

  3. 50 hours? I don’t think I would agree to anything that took 50 hours uenlss it was produced by the Ritz!! lol you are a brave soul. Please let us know how it turns out

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