Shanghai, 2014 Q1

Snaps from Shanghai. 1st quarter 2014.

shanghai-2014-snap-01 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-02 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-03 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-04 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-05 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-06 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-07 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-09 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-10 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-11 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-12 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-13 copy

shanghai-2014-snap-14 copy


  1. Nena

    Beautiful ;-)

  2. Vincent

    Très photogénique le Power Station of Art… ;) Cette expo notamment était excellente!

  3. Wonderful photos and great blog in general :)

  4. Great photos absolutely love Shanghai I’ve been thinking of getting a camera, any suggestions for a simple guy with no experience?

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