One of my photo printed at 600 000 copies !

I forgot to share with you a good news… One of my photo was printed as the cover of the official magazine of the French Pavilion (Shanghai Expo 2010): printed at 600 000 copies ! I am not sure i will print later in my career one photo as much so i needed to underline it today :)

The complete series of images can be seen here:


  1. Julien

    Congratz, once again :-)

  2. Pat Belson

    Was doing my ‘lunchtime’ scan of websites for Shanghai based photographers and came across your site. Some great shots and some good ideas I thought. The current series looks very good. I am assuming (whether it is mentioned elsewhere in the website)there was some manipulation in these photos, ’cause if you came upon these scenes then you would have to have the luck of the Irish! As for the cover photo for the French Expo pavilion brochure, congratulations. I am sure it gives you, as photographer, a great buzz, and of course validates your photography. Don’t forget to steal about a 100 copies to use in the future!
    By chance do you print your work at Artscape in Shanghai? I have a feeling that Roy, the owner, has mentioned you to me before. If so then we might meet there by chance sometime. I have a very modest website of my photographs that that if you’re board or looking for a laugh you can check out.

  3. Hello Pat,

    Thanks for your comment and compliment. Always nice to hear.

    Yes i enjoy “manipulating” some of my photos. I would even say “re-create” them. For the cover for instance, the sky comes from an astronomy website where i downloaded a HD tiff file that i rearrange to create this starry night that you never see in shanghai… Let say i did provoke my irish luck then ;)

    Yes i am a client of Artscape, i like Roy and his work a lot. Very pleased with the output and colors every time i go. I checked your website, some cool stuff there!



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