Chez Salah – Roubaix – France

The café should have been destroyed to make place for brand new modern buildings. But Salah has always been living and working there. So he did not want to leave. “They will not get my café when i am still alive” he told me. Probably in the end, he will manage to stay and his old café will be surrounded by cutting-edge glass buildings in 2/3 years time. I think it is quite cool. His son is ready to take over… I was thinking to invite some people/jetset/vip to organize a party there, profit all for Salah to make him survive until the end of the renovations.

Interesting topic to me as well cause in China, he would have been pushed out for sure. That is what I told him. Lucky he was in France and not in China.

“Pourquoi aller ailleurs quand chez nous c’est meilleur ?”. Written on a sign in the café. Salah is French from north african origins. I am French living in China. Meaning of the sign is: why going elsewhere when it is better at home ?












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  1. Le fameux café cerné par les travaux, Salah fait de la résistance…et c’est tant mieux ! Magnifiques photos.
    Mon vote sur Coolphotoblogs pour l’ensemble de votre travail ;)

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