BeiJing, on the way to the (great) wall

I spent some time in Beijing last March to hang a propaganda banner on the Great Wall saying ‘when the storm rises, some people build walls, other build windmills’… You can see the final photo on my website in the “Subtitles” section.
Besides, I shot those snaps on the go with my still beloved M6 camera.


BeiJing-2013-Leleu-01 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-02 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-03 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-04 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-05 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-06 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-07 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-08 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-09 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-10 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-11 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-12 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-13 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-14 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-15 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-16 BeiJing-2013-Leleu-17

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