PHOTO mag’ / Nikon prize !

I was awarded my first prize/award ever !! I am super/over/ultra excited about it. The photo concerned (left) is  from my series ‘instants decisifs, BJ08’. You can view the whole series and more on the dedicated website

The competition is organized every year by PHOTO magazine (France) and open to anyone. There are 12 categories in the competition; for each one of them, PHOTO magazine collaborate with a brand. I was awarded the prize  for the ‘speed and movement’ category, prize granted by Nikon. I will be given a nice Nikon DLSR…  I like particularly the colors in this photo, they are all ‘olympic’ colors if you check carefully (clothes + sky). I like as well that the shape of the silouhette of the running boy in the foreground is very similar to the official olympics logo in the background.

The results of the competiion are published in the january edition of the magazine. Edition number 466. The results will be available online on photo magazine website:


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  2. Congratulations Eric!
    Please let me know when the Photo issue is out :-)

  3. Rom

    yeah, which issue is it ? i going to france next week, maybe i can bring back some :)
    let us know.
    Congratz on the prize by the way

  4. it is published in the january issue. edition number 466.

  5. Congratulations, Eric! I’m posting a Wire article to spread your good news on (we are the creative industry-focused sister site to

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